by Color Me Valiant

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released August 2, 2013

All instruments produced, mixed, and mastered by Brian Hood of 456 Recording Studios.
Screaming vocals recorded by Chris Hummel at Kolossal Studios
Album artwork done by Kodi Razanski



all rights reserved


Color Me Valiant Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Commissioned
This is a message of hope for the weak and the broken
The lost, you are not alone
These chains are temporary, this love will last forever
You built a wall so high, you’ll never climb it
So take my hand, and we’ll tear it down together
You long for peace, you will find no peace
But the lust of your flesh will never satisfy
How could I let you be like this for so long
It wasn’t meant to be this way
Don’t walk away, please don’t ever walk away
You mean more, than you could ever possibly know
You are loved, more than you will ever understand

How can you blame, everyone else for all your mistakes
Take a good hard long look in the mirror
And just know your best days are ahead
Just know your best days are ahead

You are more than your past
Your mistakes and your failures
Don’t look back set your eyes ahead
Forget who you are now, I see you for who your becoming

I won’t let this be another failed attempt
I watched my generation fall to pieces
Open your eyes to see
I would rather die, than watch you waste away

How can you blame, everyone else for all your mistakes
Take a good hard long look in the mirror
And just know your best days are ahead
Just know your best days are ahead

I won’t live in the shadows, I’ll take my hope to this world.
Track Name: Simon Peter
What happened to the days when I felt so strong
My heart sways with the wind but you never bend
My God unchanging

Why is it so difficult to understand?
Your grace should be plain to me
What I do, what I say, never can save me
You’ve given me everything
When I bring nothing in return
I can’t seem to get this right
Recrucified a thousand times
Why does you love always remain when I continue to fail you.

My resolve will never falter
When my strength comes only from you
I won’t run away any longer
As I stand in the midst of truth
And I will wage war against myself until the day I die
I will never be branded a traitor, YEAH
Until the day I die
If I’m not for you I’m against you, OH MY GOD
Please tell me I’ll never betray you
This is where my complacency ends
Tell me I can make a difference
Show me, you are who you say you are
Track Name: In My Heart, In My Head
Go away, get out of my head
My body and mind, don’t belong to you
I live for something greater than your temporary gratification

These bones grow weary, from this endless night, and how I long for morning
I will fight for you with every drop of blood that coarses through my veins, and drains from my body

This doubt is eating me alive and I’d do anything for relief
From this fire, a taste of water on my lips
Make your way down from the crowd
And lets toast to my worthlessness
Toast to the skeletons I tried so hard to hid

As long as I know I’m breathing
Please don’t let me throw everything away
I’ve hurt the ones that I love
And I know that I have failed myself, I failed myself
My pride, my weakness, will never get the best of me
I stay strong, until every drop of blood is drained.

My bones ache from the weight of this impatient heart
And I’ve grown so far apart
I just can’t love it anymore
How foolish how selfish of me
This world has nothing for me
So many eyes unopened there’s still work to be done

We will no longer allow doubt to strangle the seeds we’ve planted in the hearts of those we love
No more indecision, no more silence, I am free
Anchor your hope in my promises
This will pass, you will see the light again
Track Name: Sleepwalkers
Are we so self-consumed,
that we can't see beyond the walls of our homes
Filled with idols, and built with lies
The sick and poor left destitute and alone
Do you really believe what you say you believe?
We have come to wake the dead
These sleeping hearts will beat
with a passion they have never known before
The war goes on for the souls of man
We have come to wake the dead

I'm just a shadow of who I claim to be
And these hollow words define me
I'm treading blindly in my selfish-wounded pride
But here I draw the line

Here I wage war on complacency
I cannot live this way, and live with myself
I will not, compromise who I am
For approval of the masses

This temporal satisfation is exactly what you claimed it would be
I've traded all my dreams away
for meaningless names, faces that vanish with the wind

faces that vanish with the wind

Open the floodgates and cover the earth
Take away this doubt in my heart
God raise my weary soul

Years and years, I've drowned in my apathy,
I just want to know you're proud that I'm your son

I am the clay in the hands of the potter
I am weak from this burden
I am weak, but in you I'm made strong
I am the orphan in search of a father
In search of strength and consistency
Father look into my eyes and tell me your proud I'm your son

This temporal satisfaction is exactly what you claimed it would be
I've traded all my dreams away

*Give me faith to trust what you say,
that you are good and your love is great
I may be weak, but your Spirit's strong in me
My flesh may fail, my God you never will
Track Name: Orphan ft. Dan McWhorter of Gideon
It seems to me I’m my father’s son
But you’ve promised me I’m made for so much more
But it seems inevitable, That I will be
caught up in mediocrity

Can you save me?
Or do I own a pharaoh's heart?
Have I turned away, from the maker of the stars?

The King who said to me, “You’ll do great things”
But the world around me, sings a different song
And it says,

worthless, you are worthless
Just a boy masquerading as a man.
You think you can (comes back in on make) make a difference?
but arrogance is bliss, so convince yourself
You’re worth His love

There has to be more, to this
I hear the demons whisper my name
I feel their hands around my throat
The sweet lure of every vice
my broken heart has ever known

But you’ve promised these shadows won’t last forever
Pierce through my darkness
Wake my sleeping heart
This is me, knocking, at the door
Will you open it, like you have promised?
You promised, you promised me this

You are worthless

You are worth more
I died to call you my son
The heir to my kingdom,
I breathed this breath into your lungs
I formed your body from the mud
And I left my body to the world
My murderers, my sons and daughters

To be beaten for your bitterness
Your hatred was my anguish
But I don’t care
I have made a way, I have conquered death
On that cross, I was broken for love

my grace is enough, my grace is enough
To erase everything, that has kept you from me.
My son, you are worthy